Eventim FanTicket – A True Collector’s Item

Create beautiful memories of an unforgettable event with the EVENTIM FanTicket! FanTickets were first launched as part of the Depeche Mode Tour in 2013, and since then, EVENTIM have designed tickets for some of the world’s biggest artists, including Rammstein, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. FanTickets are now available in Norway!

Picture of FanTicket
Euro2020 at Trondheim Spektrum

The high-quality, colour design – which can incorporate your logos, as well as artist and event images – makes FanTicket a perfect gift or a perfect keepsake, meaning the tickets for your events will stay in fans thoughts (or even on their wall) for years to come! And best of all – if you choose FanTickets, this will be at no cost to you or to the ticket buyer, who only pays for delivery as a standard paper ticket.

Why FanTicket?

Event Specific design
Hi-quality digital print
A collectible item
Loved by fans

Picture of FanTicket
Black Panther at the Eventim Apollo

Security features

FanTickets are available online and via our call centre and retain the security features of the thermal EVENTIM tickets they replace. Multiple security features are in place on the FanTicket:


  • The EVENTIM hologram within the blue frame, which is visible on both stubs
  • The different perforation of the two stubs
  • The tangible printing of the graphic and the barcode. A standard printer will not be able to produce such an embossed print.


  • The fluorescent EVENTIM logo only visible under black light. The print can be seen if the FanTicket blank is held at an angle in incident light. This feature is printed with special security ink that may only be passed or sold to printers if properly documented.
  • The stack numbers are on both stubs and on the main ticket
Picture of FanTicket
The Toxic Avenger at The Arts Theatre

Printing method

EVENTIM’s high-end FanTicket printers can print tickets in colour with a resolution of 360 dpi. They do this at a speed of two colour tickets per second, or up to 7,000 tickets per hour. During this time, the ticket is both printed and completely dried. Drying is guaranteed by a special ink and a dual UV light hardening process.

The FanTicket is printed at a resolution of 360 dpi in a 4-colour print (CMYK). As a comparison, high-gloss magazines are generally printed at 300 dpi. They are printed using offset printing, and not thermal printing. FanTickets are exclusively produced in Bremen (Germany), at EVENTIMs main fulfillment center.


Read more about EVENTIM FanTicket at www.fanticket.com or contact us directly!

Written by:
Marcia Titley
Managing Director

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